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Who We are


  • Win races - Desire to race

  • Train to compete an Ironaman, Double Ironman, Triple Ironman - Train to compete in a sprint triathlon

  • Cycle on $10,000 bikes - Cycle on $50 bikes

  • Swim 4 miles - Strive to Swim

  • Cycle century rides - Cycle four miles

  • Run marathons - Walk 1 mile

  • We are experienced, challenged to do better - We are novice striving for a healthy lifestyle

Whoever you are, Whatever your skill level, TRiDi Multisport Training is for you.

"TRiDi Multisport training . . . Training today for a Fit Tomorrow"

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TRiDi Multisport Training, LLC

“Training today for a fit tomorrow" 

TRiDi Multisport Training, LLC

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