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Who We are


  • Win races - Desire to race

  • Train to compete an Ironaman, Double Ironman, Triple Ironman - Train to compete in a sprint triathlon

  • Cycle on $10,000 bikes - Cycle on $50 bikes

  • Swim 4 miles - Strive to Swim

  • Cycle century rides - Cycle four miles

  • Run marathons - Walk 1 mile

  • We are experienced, challenged to do better - We are novice striving for a healthy lifestyle

Whoever you are, Whatever your skill level, TRiDi Multisport Training is for you.

TRiDi Multisport Training, LLC offers group trainings for all levels of triathletes, duathletes, cyclist, swimmers and marathoners.

"TRiDi Multisport training . . . Training today for a Fit Tomorrow"

“Training today for a fit tomorrow" 

TRiDi Multisport Training, LLC

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